Monday, August 21, 2017

2017 Summer vacation to USA & the Caribbean Cruise Day 10

It was fine.

After more than 11 hours flight I came back from the USA.

I arrived at the Haneda Airport after 1pm.

I asked the delivery service to deliver my suitcase because I have an American Express Gold Card which allows me to send one suitcase to and from the airport for free. This is one of the greatest services I enjoy about the card.
They have a special campaign now, and the first year they do not charge the annual fee therefore I recommend you to make it a try.

After that I went to the monthly massage to relax.

Then I went to a kimono shop.

It was a wonderful summer vacation.

2017 Summer vacation to USA & the Caribbean Cruise Day 5

Our next destination was Nassau, the Bahama.

This time we arrived at the port.

When I saw our Enchantment of the Sea at Miami.
I felt it was not so big, but when I saw it at Nassau it looked huge.

Nassau looks like a shopping place, there were many fancy jewry shops here and there in a small area. I visited a few of them.
Since I happened to find the Ministry of Tourism, I asked where to visit and visited all the places mentioned. All are locate in the walking distance.

We had late lunch at the boat.

There was a welcome  reception of Dream Trippers in the evening and about a third of the total 92 participants attended.

Then we had dinner.

We enjoyed the night show.

2017 Summer vacation to USA & the Caribbean Cruise Day 9

I got up at 4 am and left before 5 am. This time I used the taxi to the airport which cost $40 including tips. It took less than half an hour from Brooklyn to Laguardia.
Check in was easy.

Since I had plenty of time, I ate breakfast at the airport. Iced tea $3, Bagle $2.50 and cream cheese $2.

I leave here at 8:15 am and arrive at Haneda at 13:45 tomorrow via somewhere.

2017 Summer vacation to USA & the Caribbean Cruise Day 8

It was fine.

We ate brunch and rum cakes.

We tried the Passion Test again. The top was the same, but there were some miner changes after a year and a half.

We headed for West Palm Beach around 1:30 pm.
At the airport I found that I could not check in the baggage up to Haneda because the next flight was tomorrow.

The flight to New York was shorter than expected. I saw the beautiful sceneries.

I headed for the last destination of this trip in New York by bus and subway which only cost $2.75 though I needed to change twice and bring the suitcase at stairs.

I visited friends who just had a baby boy. He is so small and cute.
Last year on this day we met in Tokyo and just a year brought a big change.

We ate dinner and went out for a walk and enjoyed ice cream. The night view of New York Skyline from the park was very beautiful.

2017Summer vacation to USA and the Caribbean Cruise Day 7

We came back to Miami in the morning.

First we ate the last breakfast on the ship.

We landed around 10 am and headed back for Delray Beach.

After coming back I went to the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens to say hello to some ex-colleagues and had lunch with my third host family.
I heard about the special stamp for the total solar eclipse going to happen next Monday. So I went to the post office. It is very unusual because the color of the moon changes according to the temperature.

After that we played golf again.

We had nice shrimp dinner with bloody Mary and Captain Morgan.

2017 Summer vacation to USA & the Caribbean Cruise Day 6

The last destination was Key West, Florida.

This was the third time for me to be there, first in the summer of 1996 by greyhound bus, second in the fall of 2007 by car.

We walked to the places where I wanted to visit again such as 0 mile point, light house, the southernmost point, and some shops.

We came  back to the boat and had late lunch again, took a nap, and ate dinner.

Dream Trippers got together and took a group picture.

There was a farewell flag parade of crews from more than 30 countries. The biggest number was from the Philippines followed by Indian.

We enjoyed the night show again.

2017 Summer vacation to USA & the Caribbean Cruise Day 4

We arrived at our first destination Coco Cay, the Bahama in the morning of Aug.15. It is a private island, and we did not need the passport to land
Since there is no port, we were sent by tender boat to the pier. There were nearly 3000 passengers, therefore it took time for us to be sent.

There were beautiful shallow beaches, and I saw some fish including a shark.I swam a little bit but got sun tun a lot.

After coming back to the boat after a few hours, I took a shower and nap and wore to Japanese summer kimono called Yukata (浴衣) for formal dinner.
We enjoyed the night show.