Saturday, April 29, 2017

2017 Trip to Europe Day 3

It was fine.

I saw the beautiful morning sun over the ocean.

We stayed at the hotel in the morning, and  attended the Catamaran sunset cruise in the afternoon.

Just before going, my suit case was finally delivered so that I could bring the bathing suit with me.
However the water was too cold for me to enjoy swimming and I did not go into the water.

We visited the hot spring place first, Red Beach, White Beach, and Black mountain.
We saw dolphins swimming. They say it is very rare. So we were very lucky.

I talked with the participants from Taiwan, China, Romania, USA, France, Kenya, and South Africa. There was no Japanese besides us.
For many people it seemed this was the first Dream Trips.

The most amazing thing was the bus driver's technique of going down the steep slope backwards.

It was a nice day.

Friday, April 28, 2017

2017 Trip to. Europe Day 2

I flew from Haneda to Beijing by Air China. from Beijin to Istanbul and from Istanbul to Athens by Turkish Airline, from Athens to Santorini by Olympic Air. It took about one day to come to the first destination, Santorini where I have wanted to come to as honeymoon for a long time..

I bought a round ticket beteen Haneda and Istanbul, and one way tickets at other route because if I buy from the beginning till the end, it would cost more than yen 500,000.

I thought I can check in the baggage by the route, so that I only checked in the baggage up to Istanbul, to pick it up at Istanbul once, but I could not.
So the bag was left behind at Istanbul. I was advised to report at Santorini Airport to have my suitcase delivered. I hoped to receive it within today but I could not.

The weather in  Greece was very nice snd hot in the day time but cool at night.

My friend and I came to the hotel by taxi with other passengers. The cost was 20 Euro.

We are staying at El Greco Resort which looks very nice.

In the afternoon we enjoyed walking around town of Fira, got on cable car and donkey. There are many souvenir shops.

The best thing of today was to have seated at the business class and ate very nice breakfast.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

2017 Trip to Europe Day 1

From April 29 so-called Golden Week starts in Japan. I take some days off before and after and have a longer vacation to visit Europe, especially Greece and Spain.

First I fly from Haneda to Beijing, then to Istanbul, then to Athens, and finally to Santorini where is the first destination of this whole 10 days trip.

It's  been 20 years since I went to Beijing with my mother, and 15 years since I went to Istanbul and heard the saddest news of my mother's sudden death, and 13 years since I went to Athens to see the Olympic games Athens 2004, and 9 years since I went to Spain last time. Each place must have been changed a lot by such a long time.
I have two destinations but visit five countries, Chia, Turkey, Greece, France, and Spain.

I arrived at Beijing safely.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Day 8

Since the flight from San Francisco was  delayed for two hours, I arrived at Haneda Airport around 00:30AM.
There were no public transportation any more so that airline company said they would  compensate up to $100.
I took a taxi to the hotel.

Day 7

It is fine.

After checking out the hotel we headed for the airport by taxi, but it seems it was not a real taxi but a shared transportation system.  Car was black and it cost around $55 or so.  We arrived at LAX very early. 
When I tried to check in the baggage, it weighed more than 50 pounds and I needed to take out something from the suitcase. Otherwise I had to pay for $100.
It was very difficult to find the place to eat inside the airport before security check.  But we could manage. There were a few places to shop either.

I arrived at San Francisco and changed to international flight. I had been wondering why there was no passport control. If you have a boarding pass, it seems OK.

I tried to buy some souvenirs, and I found the prices were different from LAX to SFO and shops to shops.

After boarding, there was something wrong with airplane and all the passenger had to get out and wait at the gate.  About two hours we had to wait.

So I won't have Feb. 24 at all.

Day 6

It was cloudy and became rain later.

I bought a one day pass for transpo rtation for $8 and went to Little Tokyo.
I visited the Japanese American National Museum after eighteen years and a half.
I visited the Koyasan temple.  And I ate  sushi there.

After coming back to the hotel, I took a nap watching Academy Award Ceremony.

Day 4

It is cloudy.

There was the second general session in the morning and the second country session.

I measured my truage at the right arm and palm. There was a big dfference. Palm was far much younger. I have never measured from palm before.

There  was a guest in the general session and I could  take a photo with her. Her bane is Ms. Daphne Oz. Do you know her?

At night I was invited to dinner. Five of us had dinner together and enjoyed the tine shared.