Saturday, May 6, 2017

2017 Trip to Europe Day 10

I came back from Spain via Istanbul and Beijing finally.

Yesterday I checked in the baggage up to Haneda but could not get the boarding pass from Beijing to Haneda so that I had to get it at Beijing but I did not know where to get it and wasted time. I could manage to get on the plane in time and arrived at Haneda around 9:30 pm.
I was waiting at the turn table but the next flight passengers came and knew my suitcase was lost.
While claiming the baggage, my last train to go to my station was gone. I am now on the train which goes to Kanazawabunko. From there I need to take a taxi. Last time when I experienced the flight delay, I think I had to wait for an hour or so there and it cost more than yen10,000.

I was going to ask the delivery for nothing using the credit card service, but after all I did not have to do that because the lost baggage will be delivered anyway.

This time my destinations were Santorini,Greece and Seville, Spain. Both visits were very nice.
In 10 days I met about 10 old friends and have become friends with some people.
I flew to Beijin, Istanbul, Athens, Santorini, Paris, Malaga, Istanbul, Beijing, and Haneda.
That is four capital cities without staying.
Most of airports besides Santorini were bigger than I thought. There were so many people traveling here and there.

To go to Santorini I used the Dream Trips of World Ventures for the first time. It is really good. I am very looking forward to traveling next time this summer.

Friday, May 5, 2017

2017 Trip to Europe Day 9

It was fine.

Today is a moving day.
I left Estepona before 9 am and flew from Malaga to Istanbul in the afternoon. The flight was delayed.
I had to enter, pick up the baggage, check in again at Istanbul, but my flight is1:25 am and I have more than enough time.

I am now waiting at the lounge. I am glad to have the Priority Pass before starting this trip.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

2017 Trip to Europe Day 8

iIt was cloudy in the morning, but became fine.

Today is another moving day from Seville to Malaga via Granada.

We have mutual friends in Granada whom I met 25 years ago through my best friend.

One is a Spanish hairdresser, and the other was a Japanese photo shop owner.
I asked the former to have my hair cut, and the latter to have my pictures taken.
I hope I can use the picture for the driver's license ID.

We did not visit any touristic place but just visited them.

Before meeting them we ate at the bar where if you order one drink, you can get food for 2.30 euro.
Isn't it nice?

After coming back we went out for dinner at a nice seaside seafood restaurant to celebrate our extended 25th anniversary birthday.  Everything was delicious.

We walked along the beach and came back.

It was a nice day!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

2017 Trip to Europe Day 7

It was fine and beautiful.

We went out for breakfast. In front of the cafeteria there was a shop selling vegetables. I was surprised to see that some of the vegetables were far much bigger than those sold in Japan.

Today we went to the Expo site.
We walked a lot to find the places. Some were remained as before but othets were cleared soon after Expo.
There was Expo '92 XXV and we enjoyed watching the videos.

After that we had lunch at a restaurant of the city center. We ate typical Spanish dishes. They were tasty.

We enjoyed walking around the city.
One of other friends joined later and we went to the new building "Setas de Sevilla"
and enjoyed the view from the higher place.
We walked around city again.

It was a nice day

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

2017 Trip to Europe Day 6

It was fine and beautiful.

We headed for Seville via Ronda where is a historical touristic site. There is a very famous bridge there. It's been 25 years since I visited there last. I only remembered the bridge but I realized about the river and valley today.

Interesting thing was to use the public toilet it cost 0.60 euro and a 1.5 L  bottle of water cost the same.

We ate lunch at my friend's mother's place and they were so tasty.

We crossed the Dragon bridge which was interesting.

At night we went to Feria and met three co-workers of Japanese pavillion. I met all of them for the first time after Expo, that is 25 years.  They looked the same.  We met another who visited me in Florida in 2007.

Feria lasts for a week and it starts before lunch time and ends early in the morning. There were so many people wearing beautiful costume, so that it was fun to see them too.

I had a nice time.

Monday, May 1, 2017

2017 Trip to Europe Day 5

It was fine.

After having breakfast we went to the airport by taxi which cost 20 euro. After checked in I wrote postcards. Since there is a post outside the airport, I ask to let me go out to post them.

After arriving at Paris I had to move to the west terminal to go to Malaga, Spain. Since we had time, we had tea at Starbucks. I ordered Iced green peach lemon tea which cost 5 euro.
I was amazed by the color of toilet in Paris.

We said good bye and my friend headed for Center of Paris and I took the plane to Malaga.

When I got to Malaga around 19:30, it was still light. It seemed it was light until 21:30 or so.

My best Spanish friend came to pick me up at the airport and we went to the rent-a-car place and we headed for his place via Puerto Banus where is the town for rich people.

After coming to his place, we went out for a walk for dogs and after that we went out for dinner at Arabic fast foods. There my image of mint tea was changed.

It was a long day.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

2017 Trip to Europe Day 4

It was cloudy and windy, but became fine and warm later.

We attended the half day highlight tour in Santorini which was very nice. There are so many picturesque places in Santorini.
With a wonderful English speaking guide we learned many things about Santorini.

Two big problems of Santorini is water and wind. They use the rain water. Tap water is not drinkable and it is salty.

Their main industry is tourism and the high season is June, July, and August.
At that time the population becomes double. Their only export product is wine.

It costs 50 cents to use public toilet
and used paper should not put into the toilet.

In the afternoon we visited Oia which is another touristic place and very beautiful.I took many pictures. We ate lunch at a seafood restaurant and enjoyed shopping. I bought a very beautiful pendant head of blue opal for my birthday present this year.  I liked the color.  It is reversible and I can enjoy two sides. It is rather expensive but will become a good memory of this trip.

At night there was a farewell dinner. We enjoyed talking with Rumanian participants.

I really enjoyed this first Dream Trips.