Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Day 8

Since the flight from San Francisco was  delayed for two hours, I arrived at Haneda Airport around 00:30AM.
There were no public transportation any more so that airline company said they would  compensate up to $100.
I took a taxi to the hotel.

Day 7

It is fine.

After checking out the hotel we headed for the airport by taxi, but it seems it was not a real taxi but a shared transportation system.  Car was black and it cost around $55 or so.  We arrived at LAX very early. 
When I tried to check in the baggage, it weighed more than 50 pounds and I needed to take out something from the suitcase. Otherwise I had to pay for $100.
It was very difficult to find the place to eat inside the airport before security check.  But we could manage. There were a few places to shop either.

I arrived at San Francisco and changed to international flight. I had been wondering why there was no passport control. If you have a boarding pass, it seems OK.

I tried to buy some souvenirs, and I found the prices were different from LAX to SFO and shops to shops.

After boarding, there was something wrong with airplane and all the passenger had to get out and wait at the gate.  About two hours we had to wait.

So I won't have Feb. 24 at all.

Day 6

It was cloudy and became rain later.

I bought a one day pass for transpo rtation for $8 and went to Little Tokyo.
I visited the Japanese American National Museum after eighteen years and a half.
I visited the Koyasan temple.  And I ate  sushi there.

After coming back to the hotel, I took a nap watching Academy Award Ceremony.

Day 4

It is cloudy.

There was the second general session in the morning and the second country session.

I measured my truage at the right arm and palm. There was a big dfference. Palm was far much younger. I have never measured from palm before.

There  was a guest in the general session and I could  take a photo with her. Her bane is Ms. Daphne Oz. Do you know her?

At night I was invited to dinner. Five of us had dinner together and enjoyed the tine shared.

Day 2

It was fine and warm.

I ate bagle with cream cheese for breakfast. This is the one I only eat in the USA.

I ate Caesar salad with shrimps topping and iced tropical tea for lunch.

There was a welcome reception and it was a buffet style.  I enjoyed sweets there.

Day 1

It's been about one year and ten months  since I went abroad last tme.

After work on the 17th, I went out for dinner and headed for Haneda Airport.

This  time I sent my suit case to the airport on last Sunday because it is rather hard to walk around with a heavy suitcase during rush hour. I compared the cost and chose Yamato unyu which is known as Kuroneko Yamato.
Since I got a delivery notice to my house, I have been worried, but it was not a suitcase delivery but other security valued goods, I think it must be a card which I had to register the membership for Kuroneko Yamato.
I ordered address printed service, but unfortunately it was not valid for round trip services.  They offered cheaper price for round trip service rather than one way each service so I ordered both ways.

I arrived at the airport about three hours earlier than my flight. After picking up the suitcase, I could checkin soon.
However during these two years United Airline became a partner of Continental, therefore my mileage plus card was invalid.  They do not issue any card, so we need to memorize the code number by ourselves.

After passing the immigration, I tried to buy insurance by machines. However the prices were more expensive than I thought, and I gave up buying there.

Then I went to the airport lounge by using Citibank's gold card and had drinks and ordered Insurance through Internet.  The cost was about a half of that by machine. Furthuermore they have a discount for repeaters, so I hope to use them from now on.

My flight was scheduled to leave at 01:00 AM  on February 18 and my seat was middle unfortunately. 
There were two meals.
I watched two movies, Grand Budapest Hotel and Boyhood.  Both were the ones I missed watching, so I was glad to see them, though the former was somehow different from my expectations.

It took about 8 hours 51 minutes from Haneda Airport to  my favorite San Francisco, and I arrived at San Francisco around 5 pm.
Immigration procedure took nearly one hour to pass.  I picked up the suitcase and deposit it again.

The flight from San Francisco to Lis Angeles was about one hour and a half.

I have 30 hours  February 17.


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Day 5

It was cloudy.

We attended the third general session in the morning.

Then we had a tour to visit Santa Monica and Hollywood.
It was fine there.  It's been eight years and a half since I went there.
There will be Academy Award Ceremony tomorrow, therefore they were preparing for tomorrow.

After coming back to the hotel, I changed to kimono to attend the Award Ceremony.
I wish I could be awarded!